William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We are elite and we can fight;
we float to ground in dark of night.
Our reputation’s now suffering blight
by the war museum – and that’s not right!

By hanging BROWN and MATCHEE there
we’ve suffered damage – beyond repair.
My grandchildren, they still are real proud
their Grandpa jumped above the clouds

My buddies served our Canada with Loyalty and Pride
and AIRBORNE soldiers in Cyprus and in Rwanda died.
Their sacrifice and glory has now been placed aside
by a bunch of f’n civvies, who in Ottawa reside!

It’s time to put the lie to bed once and for all. To avoid putting a decent “Korean War Exhibit Selection” in the new CWM because of a fictitious report by a disgruntled writer about guys getting the clap is absolutely terrible – almost as stupid as placing paintings in the front foyer of BROWN and MATCHEE murdering a young Somali.

They disbanded our Regiment in disgrace and they continue to kick us in the nuts