William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Our War Museum employees are at it again
now they dishonour our RCAF men!
Rabinovitch and Geurts who run the whole show
have the backing of their board? Or at least it seems so?

A museum that should honour those who bravely flew
is displaying a painting that just is not true!
Cliff Chatterton’s voice is not being heard:
I will write my MP and give him the word!

These people should realize that they work for us
They should listen to veterans and not cause a fuss
Instead they hang pictures of an alleged murder scene
and try to make our airman look vicious and mean

At least they’ve removed the untrue VD stats
let’s hope they now listen and do better than that?
We have a new Government – what will they do?
Will they help to remove these pictures untrue?