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Subject: EXHIBITS – CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM – food for thought

What to do when the VD sign and the Matchee murder pictures have been removed and destroyed?

A suggested place to start would be to have the new CWM foyer display an exhibit telling the story of a Canadian hero – a 1 Can Para Bn, Canadian Airborne Regiment Soldier who served in many theatres including The Korean War – see attachments and information gathered by my buddy and retired soldier and 13 month Veteran of the Korean War, Norm Van Tassel.

Let the research be done by the so-called civilian military war expert PhD Historians in conjunction with some hired, unbiased Korean War Veteran advisors so as to get the civilian “experts” off of their oopoots[•] and doing something right to honour our Soldiers, our Paratroopers, our Korean War Veterans, and Canada’s contribution to the quest for global harmony.

Interview my old Platoon Sergeant, Ken Umperville; or my former Section Commander, Merv Sneddon. These are friends who know where the bear defecated in the buckwheat and guys who humped their large packs and bren-gun ammo up and down the hills of Korea.

Thanks Norm for your research information – I am certain it will stimulate thought and be part of a future display in the museum.

Airborne Blessings,

William Willbond, MSM, CD
Canadian Soldier Poet

Author’s Note: As taxpayers and veterans we own the CWM; let’s have some say in what is displayed and exhibited – negative we don’t need!

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Strange you should mention Tommy Prince I knew him and we all know what happened to him in the end but he was a soldier and a good one that even a laymen like myself was able to put together something to do him honour. Yes these are the kind of things that we should be showing our children in the museum not how many troops contacted VD.


Sgt Tommy Prince MM
Sgt Tommy Prince MM


Length of Service

  • 3rd June, 1940 to 20th August, 1945
  • 14th August, 1950 to 28th October, 1953


  • Sapper – 3rd June, 1940
  • Lance Corporal – 22nd February, 1941
  • Sergeant – 16th March, 1943
  • Sergeant – 14th August, 1950

Units and Regiments

  • 1st Corps Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
  • 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
  • 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion
  • 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
  • 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Theatres of Service

Canada, Britain, United States of America, Aleutian Islands, Central Mediterranean Area, Southern France, Germany, Korea

Medals and Decorations

Military Medal, 1939/45 Star, Italy Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Clasp, 1939/45 War Medal, War Medal Korea 1950/53, Canadian Volunteer Medal Korea, Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, United Nations Medal Korea with “2” (2nd Tour Korea), Silver Star (USA)