William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The exhibits that irk and the posters that hurt
Were set in their place by CEO, Joey Guerts;
He refused to take the false exhibits down
At the Lebreton Flats Museum in Ottawa Town!

False VD stats were hung on display
A bone of contention to the brave KVA
Guerts refused to take the poster away
Until pressure was applied to save the day!

A grim murder picture hung in the museum
But into no court Clayton Matchee had been;
Tried by Joe Guerts he hung up on the wall
Until the Criminal Justice system was over appalled!

The straw that broke the camel’s back
Was when Joey got Airman so upset that they’d act!
Korean War Veterans, and First Nation Guys,
AIRBORNE soldiers spent years asking why!

And through it all, you will recall
Cliff Chadderton stood his ground
He was there for all of us
And he demanded the truth be found!

Good bye to you Mr Joey Guerts
Please know you won’t be missed
Soldiers and Airmen they do mind being screwed
Especially if they ain’t been kissed!

Author’s Note: This is the 15th poem on the subject of inappropriate displays in the Canadian War Museum (CWM). The poems aren’t necessarily good but they are informative. This will be the last poem written about the CWM unless the people who replace Mr Guerts stop telling the truth and continue to try to make Canadian Servicemen look bad in spite of all they have given to Canada.

Times Colonist: Saturday June 23, 2007

Director Who Oversaw Creation of New War Museum Gone

OTTAWA – Joe Guerts, who led the Canadian War Museum through the design and construction of an acclaimed new building in Ottawa, is gone from its top job. The museum confirmed yesterday that Guerts left his position as director and chief executive earlier in the week.

The museum wouldn’t discuss circumstances of the departure, and Guerts couldn’t be reached for comment.

Cliff Chadderton, chairman of the National Council of Veterans Associations, believes his departure is ties to controversy over an exhibit on bombing of Germany in the Second World War. – CNS