William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Sergeant Billy Willbond
Sergeant Billy Willbond
Death before dishonour was placed on my right arm
To impress the young ladies ‘twas a thing of great charm?
On my left arm is pictured a crucifix cross tattoo
And above that is floral sacred heart picture too!

John went for a sidewalk stroll in his Vancouver home town
Snapping pictures of buildings and things all around
He captured a neat picture of the Sacred Heart Tattoo shop
Its memory of my Mom caused a quick shed of tear drops!

A scroll lies across my heart! It’s not too long!
Just a one word short poem and on it reads MOM!
On leave in a town the Danes and our soldiers call Coppie
I drank way too much beer and I got a bit too dopey!

I met a beautiful bar lady, Irita, was her name
And her list of tattoos was of USMC Semper Fi fame!
She had Tom, Dick, and Harry and this might sound silly
She sat on a Tattoo Stool and got a heart that said Billy!

I may have been a drunken young Queen’s Own soldier fool
But I changed my feeble mind as I sat on that stool
I told the artist Irita it was a name much too long
And I asked him to shorten it and just make it read: MOM!

From that day to this, I see the sacred heart on my arm
‘Twas one of my wiser decisions, since I left the farm!
I got tattooed in Coppie when I was only Eighteen
A sacred heart for my Mother and a Sword for my Queen!

Author’s Note: Thank you John [Leighton], for the wonderful inspirational artistic photographs you capture in and around Vancouver. Your pictures are a historical record of the changing scene with the coming Olympic Dollar waste: it may erase many landmarks – Thank you for continued permission to use your photographs with my poems! They are absolutely wonderful, indeed!

Billy’s Sacred Heart Tattoo
Billy’s Sacred Heart Tattoo

Sacred Heart Tattoo Parlour: Photo ©Copyright 2007 by John-Ward Leighton
Sacred Heart Tattoo Parlour: Photo ©Copyright 2007 by John-Ward Leighton