William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I received a nice poem from an old suffering RSM Vet.
Agent Orange sprayed, VAC ain’t answered him yet?
Who trained in Gagetown? Was it not the Black Watch?
He told DVA about it back in nineteen ninety-five.
And he is still hanging in there: ya lads, he’s still alive.

If ignored for long enough these old vets they will die.
There are no pension payouts and no questions why?
The yanks give a pension to their Agent Orange vets.
A disability pension is what sprayed veterans get.
This old RSM really hates, by VAC[3], being ignored.
I guess it all depends whose ox is being gored?

He suffers and suffers and he takes loads of pills:
Aching knees and ankles from years of doing drills.
Ignored by the bureaucrats down at the DVA.
For fifteen long years they had nothing to say.
So he wrote this below poem to say Hey I’m here today.

Author’s Note: This poem is a response to “Me and the DVA” – ©Copyright by Laurie Dirks: Date Unknown