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Private Josh Klukie
Private Josh Klukie, a member of 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, was killed on Sept. 29, 2006 in Afghanistan.
Jack Layton will reason with the field Taliban?
Fighters who just came over from rural Pakistan
Armed to the teeth with their guns and rockets
To harvest heroin and have cash in their pockets

The news reports daily, we all deplore
Wounded and dying, blood and guts gore
Canadians are fighting the Taliban War!
Defending human rights of the Afghan poor

Will our troops get support back here at home?
Or am I wasting my time here writing this poem?
Let’s support Harper and on Fridays wear red
Let’s honour our soldiers and those who have bled!


From Monday October 2, 2006 edition of Globe and Mail
By Graeme Smith

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN — On the evening they said goodbye to Private Josh Klukie, there was clarity in the eyes of the men who fought beside him. They watched his casket hoisted into a cargo plane in the warm afternoon light, snapped to attention and marched off the tarmac to prepare for another mission.