William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


What is a Ridley Tube you ask?
It performed a very important task!
It was used for hygiene and sanitation
When we did our time in the Cypriot Nation!

When the soldier(s) peed behind the beer tent
Black with flies the air was rent
Until a Captain from the Burma Campaign
Came up with an idea that was sound and sane!

First he made the lads dig a long huge hole
Thirty feet behind the beer tent’s main pole
He lined the bottom with fine crushed rocks
To drain off the liquid from all the cocks

Stove pipes rose above the ground
These stopped the guys from peeing around
Into these pipes the urine would drain
It drove the goat flies nearly insane!

The pipes were sprayed with D.D.T.
And there were no flies, ‘twas a joy to see
This problem was solved, and all was didley
By a Queen’s Own Captain, our own Ralph Ridley!

Author’s Note: Inventors often go unsung – their creations and ideas are lost in the fogs of time but sometimes when an idea really works and is used by generations of CQs, because it is a wonderful “hygiene and sanitation” method of controlling flies in the field and it helps to prevent the diseases they carry, then perhaps credit should be given where credit is due. This idea of the stovepipe urinals has stood the tests of time and therein lies the story of many’s the pissed off fly!