William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The Queen’s Own lads all stood there
Most had white and thinning hair
They gathered near the bartender
A’ drinking beers at the bar
The wives were drinking diet pop
Because they drive the car

The lads were wearing jackets that
For the most part were Rifle Green
many of them it has been years
Since some of these lads, I’ve seen
Many are in their late 60’s now
Were ever all young and lean?

It was good to see all these old guys
All telling fibs and swapping lies
These are the men who’s youth was spent
In the Service of our Government
And I was very, very proud to be
A Rifleman with the QOR of C

There was a wonderful birthday cake
But of this I really could not partake
This could be quite prophetic
Cause my Mom was also a diabetic
The list of those who did not appear
Grows longer and longer every year

Derek Bamford and Lumpy Stewart went
Pinkerton, and McIvor did the funeral event
And Nobey Clark did he have a bad heart?
Paddy Ford and Doug Burns both did depart
Howie Traynor and Goose Granger both died
I sniffed a tear and quietly cried
As we stood and bowed our heads in prayer
For all the lads who were not there!