William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Old soldiers stand around the bar
thick glasses needed to drive the car
they talk about their aches and pains
and how much weight they lost or gained

Friends with long ago years were spent
Tom Martin and Ermgard and Charlie Wendt
Bryan Betteridge looked a wee bit thin
John Leighton, you looked well, my friend!

Forty-five years I’ve known John and Marnee
he was Cpl Carson when I joined the Army
Dave Chalk, George Dobson and Cyril Barnes
rehashed old tales and Regimental yarns

I guess next year I’m coming back
to see Lee Drover and Andy Aak
and all the lads who served with me
when we did our time across the sea

The Regimental 145th Birthday Cake
The Regimental 145th Birthday Cake: Photograph ©Copyright December 2004 by John-Ward Leighton