William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Here’s an ode to the young lady who drastically changed my life
Her name was Mary Lynne Nimmo before she became my wife
I once was a young soldier who partied drank and played cards
She stood by me in life when the going was rough and got hard

We traveled the country and we lived in PMQs
I was away quite a lot and I cut down on the booze
She was a good trooper and she waited for me
When I was posted overseas to serve the Country

I quit drinking booze and gave up cigarettes
I slowed down a bit and I took fewer bets
Our children they arrived one after the other
They were so lucky to have such a wonderful Mother

We did our twenty and we got the Army pension
On civvie street I found there lots of stress and tension
I worked at the cop shop as a jail guard
After the Army I found civvie street it was real hard

There stood that person who helped change my life
She was standing by me during long periods of strife
Twenty three years later I got a Police Pension for life
With the help of the lady who changed me – my loving wife!

Billy and Lynne Willbond
Billy and Lynne Willbond

Submitted for the June 2008 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “The Person Who Changed My Life