William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


It was once the Army way, lining up to get our pay
Formed a line out on the square, on the 15th and 30th day
The first guy in the Battalion was Andy Aak
Willbond, Yacianiski and Zurch at the back

Half my pay packet, it went assigned to my Mother
To help her at home with my sisters and brothers
We waited out there upon the square, till they hit the V’s and Vanness
Poor old Chinky Widenmaier,
I thought he would surely expire, a’ waiting for all the rest!

Sign for your pay packet, then, the paymaster salute
Whilst the Battalion RSM he was checking your boots
Looking for names to do the weekend K.P.
And as often as not, that happened to me!

Peeling potatoes and whopping the pots
Because of pay parade, that is what I got
I learned with cooks, that you never play stooke
When you are in the kitchen for not shining a boot

Having lost all my money that very first day
I’d wait another two weeks to again get my pay
Buying toothpaste and brasso and shoe polish black
And once this was done to the barracks went back

Pay off the five for ten – the Shylock pay day stakes
When a soldier is young he makes lots of mistakes
We got twenty large payday draft for a two dollar bill
Me and Chink would drink half and the rest we would spill

On payday I drank beer and I learned how to play cards
I used Deutche Marks[1] and Guilders[2] and BAF[3] with my pards
Today things are different, no one gives a heck
They’ve cancelled all pay parades – everyone gets a cheque!