William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


A Peacekeeper's Nightmare
A Peacekeeper's Nightmare: 10-year-old Mujahedeen Soldier at a Pakistan/Afghanistan border bazaar near the Khyber Pass. Photograph ©Copyright 1996 by Bob Willbond
We sat in the mess, we were all drinking beers
buddy sat down, and his eyes filled with tears
Mumbling a tale, a terrible sad story
Buddy shot kids, it was messy and gory

Since he got back, he just couldn’t sleep
His wife was concerned, he continued to weep
a mind that was clouded; he just couldn’t think
He was off in the morning to visit the shrink

Just one or two beers to calm down his soul
To wipe out the memory of that morning patrol
After coffee that morning, they left the wire
about half past eight they came under fire

The bullets they came from a cave up the hill
The Corporal lay bleeding he was ever so still
Buddy jumped up, ran forward, and then
Into the cave he emptied the Bren

All went real quiet – no sound was heard
In the valley below came the song of a bird
Buddy crawled forward and peered into that den
There lay the dead soldiers; they were 8, 9 or 10

Each held a rifle and now they were dead
Just 10 year old boys they lay there and bled
Buddy got wasted, he couldn’t go home
Weeping we sat there, and I wrote this poem

We ordered a taxi, sent him home to his bed
In the morning we heard that buddy was dead
He went home and wrote a note to his wife
Then went out to the shed and took his own life

I pray for buddy and the propose of his soul
I pray for our soldiers who go out on patrol
God damm any system that would use little boys
To ambush and murder instead of playing with toys!!