William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


“Halt! Who is that? Who goes there?”
The expression cut through the silent air
“Advance one and be recognized.
Give me the word I want no surprise”
“Castro; that is the primary word
And Cuba is the second”
“Pass friend.” My hand went out to beckon

We guard the bunker. We guard the truck
We stand too in the fucking German muck
Patrols go out in the darkest night
They come back safe without a fight
And the word, it changed at 2359
And the patrol did not get back in time;
the Bren was cocked as time it stopped

‘Twas the Colonel who did not know the word
I knew his face and I felt absurd
So I called my Sergeant to the front
I woke him from his rest.
“I have advanced one who knows not the word
Do you think this is just a test?
The Colonel he would know the word –
Perhaps this is just in jest?”

The Sergeant came up to my trench
He took the Colonel as a prisoner.
Without the word no one gets through
You know that is the rule.
And in the peace-time Army
I often felt the fool
but now I need the passwords
For all my PC tools!

Herman: I Forgot the Crummy Password Again