William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Dr (LCdr) Jeremy Joseph Brown OSTJ, MSM, MD, CM, FRCP, (CM), FACP

Dr (LCDR) Jeremy Joseph Brown OSTJ, MSM, MD, CM, FRCP, (CM), FACP
Doctor Jeremy Brown, “the Hero of Nairobi” who saved lives by treating the injured following the El Qaeda Terrorist Bomb Blasts at the US Embassy in Nairobi in August 1998 – This photograph is of JJ receiving the Meritorious Service Medal from Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada at Government House in Ottawa, three years later, in August 2001
I heard some sad, sad news to-day
My good friend JJ has passed away
An old Naval Surgeon from NDMC
He repaired the hearts of those on the sea

He went from there to the RCMP
On peacekeeping missions he did the recces
Wearing his caps of light UN Blue
He worked for global harmony too

Then to foreign affairs, he went on to serve
Using medical background, knowledge and nerve
He helped lots of others after the bomb
He worked on the wounded with courage and calm

With the bombs Bin Laden killed many that day
But JJ saved Kenyans and Moslems, they say
The Nairobi bloodbath was on full display
As he worked on the wounded from the US of A

Goodbye, my old friend, Doctor Jeremy Brown
You were a hero – a man of renown
A peacekeeping hero, you are one of the best
Your work now is finished; you’ve gone home to rest!

  • JJ: Jeremy Joseph
  • NDMC: National Defence Medical Centre
  • RCMP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Recces: Medical Reconnaissance to determine how to evacuate the wounded

Author’s Note: Today I was advised that the Al Qaeda threatened the US embassy in Nairobi which closed the embassy again etc – this puts the kibosh on my trip to Kenya once again to deliver physician’s travel packs in July.

This is a poem I wrote about my buddy Doc Brown. JJ was a hero and he played a mean guitar. He saved many US and Kenyan lives in the hours and days following the terrorist attack on the US Embassy in Nairobi; he was a big kind teddy bear of a humanitarian. Following the bomb blast, he treated a little Kenyan girl who had glass imbedded in every part of her body; it was the first time I saw him cry.

A big burly man, he was tough as nails and consumed 40 ounce bottle of scotch with ease. In the end he was killed by Africa – possibly “worms” in his brain and blood stream caused him to have a stroke from which he never recovered.

JJ was the founder of the adult Maasai end stage HIV/AIDS treatment programme and was the ICROSS Medical Advisor for Africa. We at ICROSS Canada will miss him dearly. He died in Vienna, Austria on 24 February 2003. He was only 51 years old

Billy Willbond
24 February 2003

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