William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


ALTThe Airborne Padre made arrangements quick
To send my wife home when her mom was sick
He arranged a special training flight
To Pat Bay Airport overnight

The Padre would kneel beside dying men
He’s make the sign of the cross, and then
He’d say an act of contrition prayer
Whilst mortars exploded in the air

In Ottawa now the DND Boss
Has ordered the removal of the Cross
They hired one Moslem Holy man
Who activated the cap badge ban!

Between the crosses row on row
As every child in Canada knows
Is a November the 11th prayer
That Padre’s say each and every year

Upon the berets of the Padre Corps
Was the Maltese Cross in peace and war
Who cancelled the badge that displayed the cross?
Was it the MND or the CDS boss?