William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Prime Ministers and Politicians they come and they go.
Our wounded veterans live in poverty. Do Canadians know?
Misdiagnosed, lump summed and medically released,
They get rations at the food banks, whilst ex-MPs feast.

Manulife SISIP and senior bureaucrat officials run the show:
They instruct the PM and his MPs on how to $ave the dough.
There are lies, innuendos, double speak and half-truths,
And insufficient lump sums to those now without boots.

Our troops will train the Afghan Army for another three years:
As wounded ACI’s[1] they won’t qualify for too much it appears.
The head shed fired the real Ombudsman for telling the truth:
He reported seeing that treatments were unfair and uncouth.

This is the first war where our wounded, without any dissention,
Do not get for life, a Disabled Medical, Veterans LTD[2] Pension.
The mandarins, who run the CPP[3] and the monthly OAP[4],
Get million dollar bonuse$ for saving Government monie$.

Pray for our lump summed wounded, soon to live in poverty:
They put their body parts on the line to keep the Afghans free.
PMs and Assorted MPs towed the line of the Mandarin decrees:
Instead of telling the truth, they were all brought to their knees.

If any of these people they had any guts, they’d amend the NVC[5],
Without any fanfare and without further if, ands, or buts.
Instead they sit back and wait for the veterans’ din to recede
Then continue to insurance co lump sum, those VSI[6] in need.

SISIP drew their fees from soldiers and they made lots-a money
But now there are many wounded, and to pay them ain’t so funny.
They made multi big profits on the backs of both women and men
Before they came home limbless and sightless – what to do then?

Author’s Note: When I joined the Army in 1958, I had London Life. I paid into SISIP from 1969 until just a few years back when I was sent a letter telling me that I was too old and no longer qualified for SISIP so they would no longer take the deductions from my Army Pension. I always thought the monies I paid all of those long years went to help the wounded for life?

But Manulife is in cahoots with the bureaucrat Government mandarins and they claw back SISP benefits from our wounded when they reach 65. This is unjust and unfair.

Of course now with more wounded it is cutting into the profits big time. Just my personal opinion for whatever that is worth?