William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Steve promised Millions for the NHL I believe.
Whilst telling Col P@ to pack up and leave.
The Ombudsman spoke out for our wounded vets.
As they crawled home limbless – lest we forget.

They have money for brand new NHL hockey rinks
But none for wounded pensions! Doesn’t that stink?
Give them the big bucks the one time big lump sum.
Vets will soon be homeless, as a down and out bum?

Rehire the Ombudsman who speaks with such fire.
Get respect from Canadians who are showing their ire.
Look after our war wounded the best way you can.
Show you honour the sacrifices made o’er in Afghanistan.

Offer each a pension for missing legs and arms.
Treat and look after those with PTSD and OSI harms.
Don’t listen only to those high mandarin bureaucrats.
They’ll be your downfall; there’re no votes after that.

Listen to the voting people, the Legion, and the vets
Those masses who will Hill Parade be it sunny or wet.
On the 6th of November in this the Lord’s year twenty ten,
You will hear from our veterans both women and men.

You will hear from their families, their comrades and friends:
They will urge you to re-up Colonel Stogran for 3 years again.
Let him do the job for Veterans & those limbless out there;
Let him amend the Veterans’ Charter to make it more fair.

Peninsula News Review: Friday September 17, 2010
Peninsula News Review: Friday September 17, 2010