William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(Because Of Guys like Chuck Strahl)

It’s a Strahl stall; he won’t heed the vets’ call
As our troops distribute each wee knit Izzy Doll.
Firing our Ombudsman is a veterans’ face slap
As our troops distribute each wee Boomer’s Cap.

Strahl’s people have distributed bushels of hurt
As our troops they dig deep bunkers deep in the dirt.
How about re-upping our own good Colonel Pat
And solve some VAC problems soon after that?

May God bless our troops and keep them all safe
As our VAC Ombudsman performs at a high rate.
They will get rid of Colonel Pat come early next fall
Orates the unfair people like our MP Chuck Strahl.

From: Peter J. Lawn [e-mail address provided]
Sent: August-19-10 3:14 PM
To: Chuck Strahl
Subject: Firing of Ombudsman

Mr. Strahl,

Please answer me one question. Why did the Conservative Government fire Colonel (Ret) Patrick Stogran (Ombudsman)?

He is the only one that has stood up for Veterans’ rights insofar as pensions are concerned. It would appear that the only people that the Conservative Government retains are people that agree with “Stephen the Dictator”, this might just be, yet, another nail in the Conservative Governments Political Coffin, in my opinion I sincerely hope so.

Also please explain why any Minister that is connected with the Military e.g. Veterans’ Affairs and Department of Defence are all persons that have had no Military experience, maybe Mr. Harper wants his Ministers to be as ignorant of the facts like himself.

You do a lot of praising of Veteran’s when you are pushing for “Pats on the Back” from the civil populace, however, you would rather spend a fortune of taxpayers’ monies in support of a ship full of illegal immigrants on a ship that is run and owned by Tiger Tamils a World known Terrorist Organization.

Why send troops to Afghanistan to fight Terrorism when you are allowing the same peoples into our Country at Taxpayers’ expense.

The Conservative Government believes that it is too expensive to pay Veteran’s Disability Pensions, although millions are sent to other countries around the World e.g. Haiti and Pakistan. Why???

Peter J. Lawn
a Disgruntled Veteran

From: Office of Chuck Strahl, M.P.
To: ‘Peter J. Lawn’
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 12:30 PM
Subject: RE: Firing of Ombudsman

Dear Peter,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me with your concerns regarding the Veterans Ombudsman.

I would like to correct the misconception that Colonel Stogran has been fired from his position. This is not the case.

When our Conservative Government created the position of Veterans Ombudsman in 2007, we made the decision that the appointment would be for a three year, non renewable term. Our goal was to create a position that was independent of government and any outside influence. We wanted an Ombudsman whose only concern was the wellbeing of Veterans. Colonel Stogran filled this position admirably.

However, on November 10, 2010, when Colonel Stogran’s term expires, it will be time for someone to come forward with new ideas and a new approach.

Our Conservative Government is strongly committed to ensuring our Veterans are treated fairly and with respect. That is why we have increased funding for Veterans issues by $2 billion since coming to office in 2006. We restored cuts to benefits for Allied Veterans that were made by the Liberals in 1995. We have built new Operational Stress Injury Clinics across the country to care for the mental health needs of our Veterans. As we look toward the future, we will be adjusting Veterans programs to adapt to the changing needs of modern Veterans.

Our Government will continue to work to ensure that our Veterans receive the level of care that they deserve. I hope that the Ombudsman will continue to work side by side with the Minister of Veterans Affairs, Jean – Pierre Blackburn, to address issues of concern.

Kindest regards,
Chuck Strahl, MP
Chilliwack – Fraser Canyon

Hello Peter;

Thanks for the follow-up.

I am sharing our letters with the Veteran Community at large.

This is known in Military terms as “returning fire”. With enfilading fire being poured out by many Veterans and Veterans’ Groups, their returning fire is not very effective but nevertheless its effect is to cause us to lower our heads.

Mr. Strahl’s party line statement regarding the tenure of Col. Patrick Stogran as being limited to only 3 years is a little disingenuous. I have attempted to find any such declaration made in 2007 as to Col. Patrick Stogran’s appointment being limited to only 3 years without renewal but without any success, so I would challenge them to come up with the evidence. (I can find lots of recent rhetoric saying Harper made that statement but as for him saying that in October 2007 I find none.)

The other issue regarding the doctrine of preferring deaths over casualties, Mr. Strahl didn’t even address.

We can expect to see the party do a number of tactical flanking manoeuvres in the next few days. All these manoeuvres will be evidence that our fire is effective and it is on target: as per the example found below in the letter you received regarding the increase funding of 2 Billion Dollars since coming into office in 2006.

Watch for other flanking manoeuvres such as their stand against crime etc.

All these items are good and should be supported; but let’s keep our mission focused on the current action at hand.

God instructs us to pray for those who are in power. So we need to be more sincere and to pray more earnestly that God will council our elected representatives to make right and correct decisions, so that His Will may be done. We must remember, there is a bigger picture here, and we must always keep that in mind when decisions don’t seem to go our personal way. Yes, we are in a Spiritual War. And yes, this is not a flesh and blood affair. Although the battleground may be political in appearance nevertheless underneath it all, it is Spiritual. Don’t be fooled by spoiling fire from other seemingly friendly sources; they have their own agendas.

God bless you and keep up the good work.


From: Dave Palmer [e-mail address provided]
Sent: August-22-10 11:48 AM
To: various e-mail addresses provided
Subject: Firing of Ombudsman

Just because our Troops work in the dirt doesn’t mean we treat them like dirt.

A Strahl… oops… stall tactic if ever I read one.

The Ombudsman’s term is up so we need some fresh ideas! Guff-haw – What about implementing the ones the Ombudsman has already proposed. This fresh idea plan is a pure stall, a deflection to not help our Veterans.

Who in their right mind would join the Forces when the potential to be treated like dirt seems to be the norm for VAC and Bureaucrats? Just because our Troops work in the dirt doesn’t mean we treat them like dirt.