William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Hockey Night in Canada comes to us just once a week.
The Taliban, they have caused our Don Cherry to weep
After each ramp ceremony held for our fallen troops;
Young Canadians who traded their skates-for new combat boots.

We are all waiting at home here now for two thousand eleven,
When our snipers will stop sending the Taliban terrorists to heaven.
It is time for our Canadian Government to pick up the pace.
They should look at our wounded – stare them straight in the face.

Amend the Vets Charter and that Insurance Company lump sum.
Give our wounded a pension for all the years to come.
Treat all of our wounded as if each one was your own son.
Keep tears on Grapes face dry when the Taliban war it is done.

Keep our Ombudsman Col P@ working our Canadian wounded behalf.
Do not let the Taliban barbaric Terrorists achieve the last laugh.
Let us all be like Don Cherry: let’s support the veterans and the troops.
Do not neglect our wounded young soldiers with their missing boots!