William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Bodies filled with chemicals from rusty tins,
our leaders’ committed mortal sins
using soldiers’ health to, in Nam win.
Elevate our veterans’ fight with the political foe –
those who used our people –
yes, those leaders in the real know.
Spreading top-secret defoliants
o’er each soldier guinea pig’s head,
causing blood cancers, many early, soon dead.
More studies, more meetings,
more promises made to break,
peeling away the top-secret lies they continue to make.

If they wait long enough our super sick
they will die whilst continuing to lobby
and ask the hard questions, why?
No one will admit that the Government is really to blame
they don’t want to be a party
to this long list of shame.
The major parties of Canada were all party to the offence.
Don’t worry about the soldiers
they are all thick and dense.
Our own Ex Budman, our Col P@,
was asking hard questions about this and that –
they gave him the order: FO[1], scat P@!