William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Thank you Mr. Harper for partially listening to our Colonel P@;
You’re speaking out to help our wounded – we’re please with that.
We hope this is just not another band aid solution for them.
And that you will give real pensions to our wounded men.

Do away with the lump sum and amend the vets’ charter today.
Look after those who had their eyes and their limbs blown away.
Instruct VAC to work at a new board’s awards hasty pace:
Do these things and you might win the next election race.

If you order your Minister down at the head shed at VAC.
To re-up Col Pat that will please many veterans – you’ll see.
Stop ordering your MPs to vote against the veterans’ claw back.
Veterans will cease to continue, their next at the polls attack.

I was for years a hard Corps Tory and I voted for your teams
But when I learned that the claw back was part of your schemes
I tore up my Conservative card and I joined the good fight
To correct the vets’ claw back wrong, which you know is not right.