William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We let VAC senior bureaucrats know we admire Col P@.
Their influence with the Government is in a tight grasp
Because of his stand they used classified info from his past
To make him appear unstable and other things like that.

He stood and was counted on behalf of our disabled vets:
That’s the wounded lump sum pay-outers, lest we forget.
The Ombudsman wants to amend the NVC insurance paper;
It really stinks and needs changing like a wet dirty diaper.

Shrapnel and bullet holes, blast limbless and the blind
Are dealing with an insurance company that is not too kind.
“Sign here son and here’s a cheques for a whole lot of dough.”
Some lads lost it at the Casino in a fort-night or so.

Our wounded need care for the rest of their lives.
They also need support for their children and wives.
So attention all you big wigs up there at the head shed:
Look after our wounded, because they fought and bled.

2010 Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation
Billy receiving the 2010 Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation at the Official Presentation Function