William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Our dead and wounded from the IEDs
Are set in place by evil guys just like these.
They set these bombs deep down in the road;
They sit back a-ways to watch them explode.

With detonators set off by a wired cell phone
Our patrol vehicles blow up in the danger zone.
Our heroes from Germany finally come home
With no eyes or limbs and shrapnel pierced bones.

Colonel Stogran tried to stop the insurance lump sum
Wanting pensions for the VSI as homeward they come.
But instead of being allowed to work for these men,
He was fired with one stroke of a bureaucratic pen.

These Taliban, they were stopped by the eye in the sky;
They were caught at their work as the Americans flew by.
It was poetic justice for those terrorists that we saw,
Prematurely getting the 72 virgins under Islamic law.