William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Dennis and Peter, John and the Duke,
Went to bat for our Veterans in spite of rebukes.
Peter stuck by his guns on the House floor;
His Bill C-201 got us the winning MP votes, and more.

Dennis battled with SISIP in the Canadian Courts.
Veterans across Canada awaited these reports.
The Ombudsman recognized that the Insurance Coy.
Clawing back wounded pensions, ‘twas used as a ploy.

John worked hard for years to right the claw back wrong.
I’ve written him a few poems and some are quite long.
To help spread his message all across this great Nation.
John’s work with Peter led to Bill C-201’s great anticipation.

Duke has worked for our Veterans for many’s the year.
He has helped overcome problems that oft do appear.
Bless all four recipients of our Ombudsman’s Award of Commendation.
They deserve recognition “atta boys” from all across this Great Nation.

Author’s Note: CONGRATULATIONS John LaBelle, Peter Stoffer, Dennis Mangue and Harold “Duke” Ledoc! Thank you for being there for the veterans over these long years. Your hard work does not and did not go un-noticed by the veterans’ community. We appreciate all that you do and have done, and we thank you for your efforts. This award is earned and you are all most deserving of it, because you have earned it.

Be well my friends – Billy

Veterans Ombudsman Commendation Presentation Ceremony: October 20, 2010
Canadian Veterans Ombudsman Commendation Presentation Ceremony: October 20, 2010: (l to r) Harold Leduc, Dennis Manuge, Colonel (Ret’d) Pat Stogran (Veterans Ombudsman), John Labelle and Peter Stoffer, MP