William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Ombudsman, Colonel Patrick B. Stogran, MSC, CD
Is a hero to our veterans, those old soldiers like me.
Working under the VAC down at the Ottawa head shed.
O’heard rather than wounded, ‘t would be better dead.

The wounded cost money and the KIA’s not a dime.
Get wounded vets to sign on the lump sum dotted line.
That will save lots of pension money in the years to come.
Then the vets will be home when the Afghan war’s done.

When Col P@ raised questions he was shot down in flames;
Raising discrepancies in pensions and naming vet’s names.
Arguing with senior bureaucrats he called a spade a spade.
Let’s get rid of this rabble-rouser, the decision was made.

The job of the Ombudsman was to look after the vets.
When he tried to do the job ‘twas the boot he would get.
He embarrassed some people when the truth it came out.
The Canadian Veterans community in his favour did shout.

Whoever replaces P@ they will have very little teeth and no bite
Because they’ll know it’s lose your job if for veterans you fight.
The Col wanted to make drastic amendments to the vets’ charter
But with his coming quick departure that may no longer matter?

Billy Willbond: He Tried To Do the Job