William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Front Line Leader/VAC Ombudsman Extraordinaire

Colonel Pat Stogran: Afghanistan 2002
Colonel Pat Stogran: Afghanistan 2002
Col Pat led from the front o’er in Afghanistan.
Stogran held the respect of each Rifleman.
He retired to a job down at our Ottawa VAC.
An outspoken spokesman our Colonel would be.

His desk was all covered with papers and stuff.
After reading the truth he had had enough.
When he spoke the truth on behalf of the men
He was shot down in flames again and again.

Now he’s to be fired and not asked to re-up:
He was telling the truth and he didn’t shut up.
The Government has ways of dealing with them
Who speak out on behalf of our wounded men.

Mr PM Harper Sir, and my MP, Mr. Lunn,


If you alienate yourselves from the common folk, in this case the grunts, you turn a whole segment of the population against yourselves. Getting rid of a spokesman for the troops and veterans because he dared to tell the truth about our wounded and their compensation packet is the straw that broke the camel’s back for many. Clawing back the pension monies from the wounded and the disabled is bad enough but it adds to the fact that the minority government positions you hold could soon disappear at the polls come the impending election. Food for thought as you contemplate righting these wrongs.

Billy – Canadian Soldier Poet
August 15, 2010