William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Going went over to the Wets[•] to have a beer or nine or ten
I staggered on back to the Barrack Block once again
Outside the Company Office stood our OC’s Flower Box Plot
Seeing it I then realized that the watering I had forgot!

Stopping right then and there I did not hesitate
I watered those flowers with a quick urinate
Unfortunately the Orderly Officer then strolled on by
He observed me in the act as I zipped up my fly

Now the going on Orders Parade was against my will
Plus receiving a $25.00 fine and two weeks of pack drill
As an eighteen year old Rifleman I committed the crime
I was out on the parade square doing drill double time

I painted those path rocks to the TDM[•] once more
And I slept for two weeks on the QOR Guard Room[•] Floor
Doing an hour’s pack drill on the square both day and night
Defaulter’s kept their gear spotless and ready to fight!

One good thing was that whilst I was away at the guard room on CB[•]
I had to attend at the Chapel as the Choir was run by me
The Padre he wanted Hymns sung for each Sunday Mass
And this coveralled defaulter, to the choir added class!

Losing my job, I didn’t water the OC’s pansies anymore
It was now done by Tiny Culbertson of the CQ’s[•] stores
The CSM[•] gave me a new job and this seemed a bit nuts
My new occupation was to police the area for butts[•]

So listen up you young soldiers who do not want to do CB
Don’t water the OC’s pansies just don’t stop to pee
Work hard picking butts up – don’t drink too much beer
Because after two weeks of pack drill you’ll have nice shiny gear

You’ll stand out on the D&D Course[•] and a LCpl[•] you will be
And you’ll thank the drill instructors that you had on CB
They kept you sharp and on your toes whilst a’ drilling on the square
Helping you get a pay-raise you’ll now have more some BAF[•] to spare!