William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Billy Willbond: The OC of D Coy Remembered
LtGen F. W. Farrell, Commanding General of the 7th United States Army, presents the International tug-of-war trophy to Lt. C.H. Belzile, the coach of the Queens Own Rifles team that won the trophy at the 6th Annual international Army Day held at Bad Hersfeld last week.
The Queen’s Own they were lucky back in the day
When many young Officers they joined up to stay
Our 2nd Battalion they went off to Korea in ‘54
That UN Police Action is now called a War!

Lt Belzile led the Bad Hersfeld tug-of-war team
Winning trophies the QOR cleared off the scene
In the BAOR, serving both Country and Queen
Young Charlie was agile, lean, fit and mean!

Charlie was a great guy and I’ll tell you why
From the front he led his men with large packs
As our Company Commander Major Belzile, he had your backs
He helped dig those deep bunkers showing no slack

Over in Cyprus and out at Albert Head
Charlie Belzile was fair and tough when he led
But our Army Headquarters, they had to choose
So we lost Charlie Belzile over to the Van Doos

When General Charlie Belzile was the Canadian Army Head
The whole organization was very efficiently and expertly led
He still has his smile in retirement and he is still full of fun
Like he was back in the days that I rode as his shotgun!

Billy Willbond: The OC of D Coy Remembered

Billy Willbond: The OC of D Coy Remembered Billy Willbond: The OC of D Coy Remembered

Author’s Note: The coloured pictures were taken with my brownie camera as the OC had a short impromptu O Group with the CO prior to going to St Hilarian Castle to speak to the Turkish Colonel Yaman regarding the road being built to Temblos using cement ordered for a well. I rode shotgun in the back of the jeep with my C2 to and from the negotiations