William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I pick up my paper and read the day’s news
Scan incoming emails, and then TV I choose
To click onto and watch the USA’s CNN
I go over the horrible news once again

Jacko’s molesting another young boy?
The genocide in Darfur’s a political ploy
Mr Dithers our PM continues to plead
Forgiveness for all of the Liberal’s greed

Suicide bombers are at work in Iraq
I eat the bran buds for my morning snack
The coffee tastes good, caffeine’s abundant
I breathe in the aroma during my morning rant

War Museum Painting, Brown and Matchee
placed on display for the public to see
It’s the year of the vet in the land of the free
I again start to rant as I sip my coffee

Greedy Greenland eyes up my Canadian North:
Where’s our AIRBORNE troops, to go forth?
Disbanded by the Liberals and a real dumb CDS
Sovereignty, in our arctic, is now a big mess!

I guess I’ll continue to rant and to rave
Until the day that I’m placed in my grave
Trained as a soldier to never say “can’t”
So just carry on lads, it’s just my daily rant!