William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


You pull a toboggan for weeks across snow
And you need a shower, where do you go?
You travel out on to a fresh water lake
Carrying shaving kit, and a towel you take!

The wind blows fine snow on your eye goggle slits
your hands are quite cold in your sheep skin mitts
There before you sits a large row of marquee tents
With steam coming out from a series of vents

You’ve arrived at the mobile bath platoon site
Where augers and axes chopped ice through the night
Through three feet of ice till they hit the lake
And into the hole went the hose for intake

Latticed floor boards and benches covered the ice
Four herman nelsons made the tent temperature nice
The cold and hot water heaters whistled and sang
Hot showers were provided by the bath platoon gang

Removal of muckluck inners and outers, and socks
Feet and hands for frostbite were checked by the Doc
Long johns with trap doors were laid on the floors
Took a welcome hot shower – 3 minutes – no more!

Canadians down South they surely don’t know
Their soldiers take showers at fifty below
Week after week we missed our wives and our girls
Keeping sharp on the Tundra – best winter troops in the world!