William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


These medals of glory
Tell an aboriginal story
WW2, Korea and since
The Saga of Sergeant Tommy Prince!

Behind the lines Sergeant Prince went out
He was the battalion’s famed sniper scout
From the broken head reserve he went on to serve
In Europe and Korea he displayed a pure nerve!

Canadians remember on the 11th of November
All the soldier’s who have served before
Many have cried for those who have died
And for those who’ve been scarred by war

These medals they honour a First Nation’s Man
Who in the face of danger, never ran
They will validate the tales of glory
When the tribe relates the Tommy Prince Story!

Portrait of Tommy Prince: Watercolour on Paper by Janet Crombie – 1998
Portrait of Tommy Prince
Watercolour on Paper by Janet Crombie – 1998