William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Brigadier-General Cameron inspects “Zump the Pump”
Brigadier-General Cameron inspects “Zump the Pump”
Old Joe’s friend was a records clerk down at DND
Who worked on his file and gave him money for free
He drew marriage allowance for many long years
Till the Fed Auditors made him pay back in arrears

My uncle, Frank Defalco married aunt Girtie O’Rourke
And he knew the Zumpbrelle’s and their Government work
He said old Joe had a friend down at Army HQ
Who could fix up your records and get a pay raise for you!

I said thanks, Uncle Frank, but I am only eighteen
And serving my Country, My God and my Queen
You can tell Aidreanna, that a pay raise would be fun
But you can’t draw marriage allowance until you are 21

The Rod got suspicious – Joe stayed in the Senior NCOs lines
Whilst drawing marriage allowance, all of that time
Someone finked to the Feds who looked at poor old Joe’s file
They showed up at Fort McLeod, with a pay me back smile!

It was a terrible unfair career downer condition
A learning lesson in how to delete competition
Old Joe was a fine soldier from Ottawa West
He paid back the feds, then he went home to rest