William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

(A Farewell to Morrie)

Murray and Morrie Edwards
Major and Mrs Edwards
(Murray and Morrie)
Morrie joined the Army during World War Two
Serving King and Country until her work was through
Immigrating to Canada to where yellow peaches they grew
Though she loved her new Country, she was oft lonely too

Mrs Edwards was a lady with stunning good looks
Morrie loved dancing and Morrie loved books
In 1953 the battalion was shipped overseas
Captain Edwards met Morrie – both were very pleased

They were brought together by a Five Dollar Note
They tore it in two when they got off the boat
They each kept their half and what do you think?
They met up again and it bought them a drink!

Fifty years later she would still say
Finding that money was a most happy day
Murray would kid her and he’d make her laugh
She married him only to get back his half!

Morrie married Murray and they had a good life
Sometimes it was lonely being an Army wife
Hers was a life filled with joys and with sorrows
Rest gently sweet Morrie – until some tomorrow…

The Major’s Lady
Morfydd (Morrie) Edwards

The Major’s Lady  The Major’s Lady

The Major’s Lady