William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Brothers dropped from high on silken wing.
From up above near where angels sing.
They led a soldier’s life that is like no other.
We called each other AIRBORNE brother.

We rubbed shoulders with those who went before;
Those 1 Can Para jumpers who fought in the War.
We did our tough road runs each and every day.
Singing AIRBORNE AIRBORNE all the way!

Other soldiers they always envied us.
Wings on our chests with pride did bust.
Volunteering I joined the Regiment back in 1968,
When I marched through the Greisbach front gate.

Thinking back now about the frigid Ottawa River,
Thoughts of that cold water gives me a shiver.
The Padre(s) said prayers for those brave seven.
Those AIRBORNE souls went straight to heaven.

41st Anniversary Parade41st Anniversary Parade41st Anniversary Parade


Good Day all,

It seems like it happened just yesterday… Are we growing old that fast!!?

41st Anniversary Memorial Service for Fallen Paratroopers

The Airborne Regiment of Canada (ARAC) will host the annual Memorial Service of the seven Paratroopers who drowned in the Ottawa River during an evening parachute drop on May 8th, 1968.

  • MWO Riddell R.G. 1 RCR
  • WO McDonnell M.P. 1 RCR
  • Cpl Chiswell B.N. 1 RCR
  • Cpl Clements D.W. 2 SIGS SQN
  • Cpl Fields D. H. 2 SIGS SQN
  • Cpl Knight R.J. G. 2 SIGS SQN
  • Cpl Misner P.J. 2 SIGS SQN


This service will take place at the Memorial Cairn located at Wegner Point, CFB Petawawa on Sunday May 10th at 1430 hrs 2009.

Marion Carr widow of Bob Knight, their daughters Pattie, Sue, Chrissy and Cathy will be attending as well as Stephen Fields son of Hugh.

BGen (retd) Don Banks will be the reviewing officer. We are hoping to have as many past jumpers and members of 2 SIGS SQN and RCR attend. Last year there was a very good turnout, we are looking forward to seeing even more this year.
A reception will follow at RCL Br. 517 Petawawa.


BJ Phillips
April 11, 2009