William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD

Saturday 25th of April 1970 – Work Point Barracks

As the Ops Sgt[3] for the CAR[4], I came home to see the end
To see our last Feu de Joie and say adieu to some old friends
The next time I saw each 1 QOR of C guy
All were proud members of 3 PPCLI[5]

Remember Major Sharpe of the Rifles chosen men?
There were my friends Don Ethell and WO[6] Gerry Venn
Snuffy Mountain, Bob Halpin, MWO[7] EH Vardy
They all attended the farewell parade party

I saw PA Hunter, Nick Pope and Salty Saunders JPO
Our RSM[8] Bill Carleton, the Army’s best CWO[9]
Derek Bamford, Wally Ratz led by Marsaw, Boom Boom
And my old Pl[10] Sgt, now Warrant Officer Harry Groom

MWO Pete Mitchell, the Battalion Drill Stick
Bugle Major Hans Schultz and Pioneer Sgt Polowick
Cressell and Hryhoryshen, McDonnell and Graham
All were out on the square whilst the “Buffs”[11] it was playing!


The Last Feu De Joie: 1 QOR of C

Historical Notes: The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada fired the first Feu de Joie in Toronto, Ontario on the 24th of May 1860 less than a month after the Regiment was formed. It was fired to honour Queen Victoria’s 41st birthday: The 1st Battalion marked the 110th Anniversary of the birth of the Regiment on Sat April the 25th 1970 at Work Points Barracks on Vancouver Island British Columbia, for the last time as Riflemen. The Battalion re-badged as the 3rd Battalion the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. The Queen’s Own Rifles Militia Regiment still actively serves in the Toronto area and has an active AIRBORNE jump company. The Queen’s Own continues its proud traditions and members are serving and have served in Afghanistan, Croatia, and on most other Peacekeeping Support Operations and Missions. The deuce horn and maple leaf badge continues to do Canada proud and members serve HMQE2 with pride.

Up the Buffs
Billy Willbond
Canadian Soldier Poet