William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Regimental BadgesMy Dress is a Mess but I’m doing my best
To write a wee poem with a chuckle and jest
Liberales disbanded my Regiments one after one
Now I’m loyal to all but beholding to none?

Do I buy a Legion Jacket?
Do I put up a Legion Crest?
Do I place the Canadian AIRBORNE symbol
Proudly on my chest?

Do I wear a UN Sport’s Coat?
The CAVUNP badge on UN Blue?
Or do I wear a Queen’s Own Green Jacket
And a large Maple too?

Do I wear the Pat’s Mufti Dress
With piklee jacket, shirt, and tie?
And proudly attend VAC meetings
As an old Patricia guy?

It would take a lot of money
To buy each Regimental Dress
As I sit here just a pondering
Which Regimental Dress is the best?

This poem prompted the response, “Regimental Dress” – ©Copyright August 3, 2007 by Les Peate