William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The smart guys in Quebec,
they are picking up the pace
Stealing plaques from War Monuments;
that’s a National Disgrace.
They trampled the wreaths
and stomped on the holders.
With no punishment for their actions
they are getting much bolder!
Because there was no action taken for
urinating on the Unknown Soldier?
Do they hate the old soldiers
who gave their lives for them,
or are they just thieves
and quite despicable men?
The monument honours heroes from
World War I and World War II;
what are the authorities
going to do?

Author’s Note: The article in the Times Colonist dated 2 April 2007 (reproduced below) prompted this poem.

Bronze Plaque Stolen From War Memorial

Montreal: Okill Stuart says it’s sad enough his comrades from the Second World War are dying off, but the recent theft of a plaque commemorating those who lost their lives fighting in both World Wars is too much to bear.

Last week, thieves stole a bronze plaque from the base of a war memorial bearing the names of war heroes from the Montreal suburb of St. Lambert.

“They trampled the wreaths and their holders,” Stuart said yesterday. “You wonder if they hated people who went to war of they just wanted the $50 they’d get for scrap metal.” – CNS