William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The Soldier's HousewifeCommandos march for days and days.
They are sinew tough in many ways.
Take off your boots and check each sock.
Holes are worn from each 30 mile walk.

Dig a trench and sit down in there.
Use a round stone to make each repair.
The little khaki housewife’s part of your kit;
Fix the sock holes, sit, darn and knit.

Missing buttons can be sewn on too.
A thimble helps to push a needle through.
Rozon for the thread, it is waterproof;
Mending a tear on the tongue of a boot.

Great Coat buttons sometimes fall off.
Keep a few in the housewife at little cost.
A missing button, at field inspection it is true.
Can earn extra guard duties and fire piquets too!

Young fellows who lead a field soldier’s life,
They can’t survive without their housewife.
Small scissors, a razor blade and a few band-aids,
Make the housewife complete – a wee aide to first aid.