William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The grey beards tell a lot of white lies
Sitting here scoffing poutine avec fries
These old guys with thin hair so grey
Are these all members of the KVA?

Down at the Legion up at the bar
Sit these old men with battle scars
Slowly they now sip their beer
A few old buddies died this year

They tell tales of hard ration tin cans
Filled with beans and pork and spam
They fought their battles overseas
They brought the enemy to their knees

These old soldiers they sit here
Swapping tales and quaffing beer
Old soldiers are a colourful bunch
Munching Poutine[1] for their lunch!

Their ranks grow thin with each passing year
I read the paper and shed a sad tear
I parade with those who are still with us here
On November the 11the each and every year

They suffered much for little pay
They soldiered in battle back in the day
They served our Country and our King
Some of them gave everything!

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them!

Author’s Note: As a young soldier, Korean War and WW2 soldiers trained me and many of them are still my friends. It is a sad fact that their ranks grow thinner with each passing year!

This poem was inspired by “The Greybeards” - ©Copyright October 10, 2007 by Les Peate