William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Did the greatest Canadian of them all
have his picture hung in the parliament hall?
Or was he the proud, the brave and the willing:
a courageous volunteer who took the Queen’s Shilling?

Does he now lay silent in the box of cement
at the foot of our own National Monument?
Why don’t you write to the C.B.C.?
Tell them as Canadians, we now all agree!

Grapes and True dough and the Rocket were great
but the Unknown Soldier is above all debate.
He made the world safe for both you and me
when he gave up his life far over the sea!

Author’s Note: though King George VI was on the throne during WW2. As a child I heard my uncles Mick, Jim and Johnnie McCaffery talk about taking the Queen’s Shillings when they joined up.

My Great Grandfather, Grandfather and my father took the Queen’s Shilling, as did I when I turned 17 years of age.

Grapes – Don Cherry: The best CBC hockey commentator there and boss of Coach’s Corner, a National Icon. He is a treasure known to every Canadian School Boy in the entire Nation and who is loved and hated by millions of people. He is a closet Toronto Maple Leafs fan and is a thorn in the side of Hab fans everywhere.

Trough dough – Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Modern Prime Minister of Canada who was a socialist in the cloak of a liberal. He recognized Cuba and China before his time and he was married to young hippie from the west coast who smoked dope and (it is rumoured) was a party animal. He is remembered for Trudeaumania and giving the finger to the west. He is remembered for keeping sex out of Government and in the bedrooms of the Nation.

Rocket – Maurice “The Rocket” Richard: He is a legend, a boyhood hero to my friends and me in rural Quebec. As youngsters we thought that he was the greatest hockey player that ever lived. He played for the Habs (The Montreal Canadians) however, great as he was, he is overshadowed by The Unknown Soldier.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Ottawa, Canada
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Ottawa, Canada

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Ottawa, Canada: The Unknown Soldier is the greatest Canadian of all. He gave his life so that we can live in peace. “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those that would do us harm” (Orwell). The Unknown Soldier is, by far, the Greatest Canadian of all!