William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Santa worked for 20 years at the Saanichton Cop Shop
Behind him on the cop shop wall was a 9 millimetre Glock
My grandson Des sat on my knee-Lynne took pics of him and me
Many years have come and passed since that Christmas time
Looking through the album I sat down to write this Rhyme

I hear Al Qaeda they have guns a-pictured on each wall
Just like we do, in Saanichton down at the Municipal Hall
How to strip and assemble guns are posters used to train
It hung behind Des, upon the wall as he reached for a candy cane
Normal it appeared to me, like the presents under the Christmas tree

Christmas Tinsel it was hung, just above that pictured gun
I never noticed it before, and the children had such fun
now that I’m retired I see a gun, hung o’er Desmond’s head
War news comes in every day about the US dead
Oh now I hope, I kneel, I pray for Global peace to win the day!

Santa Billy and Grandson, Desmond
Santa (Billy Willbond) with Grandson, Desmond Bast (aged 2) on his knee at the Central Saanich Police Station, December 1997: Photograph ©Copyright December 1997 by Lynne Willbond.

Author’s Note: This photograph seems so symbolic of our times – the gun hangs over the heads of our children and grandchildren. I was looking through one of our family albums and the Glock jumped up off the page; I’d never noticed it before, but it seemed symbolic hanging over my oldest grandson’s head. He is now 10, plays hockey with a passion, is a straight “A” student in school, and a great little guy.

We have to pray for peace; we must support anti-terrorism until all of those vile murderers are defeated. They continue to teach Islamic children to hate and send them out to detonate themselves and other innocents.

Let us all pray for peace,