William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We have heard the tales of victory o’er the Zulus and the Sioux
Attacks against Cetshayo by Lord Chelmsford and his crew
With the Victories of General Custer and his 7th Cavalry too
Custer left the Gatlings in the pack train far behind
But the Brits brought up Artillery and any Gatlings they could find

The Fuzzy Wuzzys fought the British to defeat in the Sudan
And they broke a British square with the spear and hand to hand
David Rattray told the History of the Zulu in their glory
And to-day it is now known that his truth’s another story!
Wrongs were done to 1st Nations, is it time to say we’re sorry?

The Little Big Horn and Rorke’s Drift and Gordon at Khartoum
Where tales of glory they were told about the white man’s doom
Spears against Martinis with the cartridge rifle ball
Killings by the thousands in the bull horns at Natal
Where the Gatlings and Artillery proved superior over all!

There were victories for the Mardi, the Zulu and the Sioux
They fought with spears in their attacks and they won battles too
But the changes came in warfare by the use of Gatling Guns
Which helped increase the dying of the Fuzzy Wuzzy and Injun!
Now that the Mardi has the A Bomb, will mankind soon be done?