William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


There’s a famine in Africa and we bought tons of seed.
The want rages on and there is such a great need.
Trapper and Ratz and Kasarian, all came to the fore.
They helped to ease suffering of the children of war.

Mike Comeau worked hard for a great many years.
He helps us all stem the flow, in this valley of tears.
We send lenses and aid children who are not able to see.
Thanks to Mrs. O’Connell, Lew MacKenzie, and the CAV MC.

Monies raised helps to send medical containers to the suffering poor.
And we ask all of our donors, to dig deep and give a little bit more.
Our website is maintained by our friend Anthony William Pahl, OAM.
He’s a volunteer veteran who stands tall amongst Australia’s good men.

The CAV MC Unit Fundraiser happens each summer every year.
The lads and lassies gather in the Legion and they enjoy a beer.
Their generosity is very famous all across the Canadian Nation.
And this is proved annually by a very generous CAV donation.

Many Canadian Army Veterans, who shine their MC’s and ride free,
Are a very great ICROSS CANADA inspiration to old soldiers like me.
On 3 and 4 of August 2013, in Ontario’s beautiful Perth town
We will hold the FUNDRAISER, an affair of great re-known.