William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Here and ode to the guys who wear the Blue Beret
Folks who keep the peace, and are often away
Back they return from each foreign war
Clean up their gear then they’re gone like before.

Canadians don’t say it – we don’t speak out loud
But, of those young folks, we are very proud.
They hail from the prairies, big cities, small towns:
Nine of them died when their plane was shot down.

Many are buried in graves overseas
There were no body bags for young heroes like these
No family pensions – perhaps, just regrets
Sure they’re only Peacekeepers and not really Vets?

In some Books Of remembrance it Ottawa town
Soldiers of War have their names written down
None are Peacekeepers, listed in the Peace Tower
If you wonder why, please ask those in power.

Decoste, Isfeld, Gunther and Flint
And more than a hundred Canadian men
In the service of peace they gave up their lives
At least list their names for their parents and wives.

Make a Book of Remembrance to Peacekeepers who died
It will give us some closure, some comfort, some pride
List in it the names of Peacekeepers we’ve lost
Let Canadians know: ‘PEACE HAS A HIGH COST!’

Author’s Note: The Canadian Department of Veteran Affairs report that there will be a Book of Remembrance to fallen Peacekeepers in the Ottawa Peace Tower by Remembrance Week, 2004

PJ’s Firing Party in Cypress
PJ’s Firing Party in Cypress