William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Ops RHQ[1] lads sat in the buffalo webbing, high up in the air
A young FNG[2] sat beside me, he had the 10 mile stare
We all stood up but he fell down
I pulled him up as the lowered ramp distantly revealed the ground
As we shuffled to the opening just North of St Albert town

Because he fell the Chief JM[3] asked: “Did we all feel his pain?”
“Let’s all take the big brown bus to the Nosedock once again!”
Jumping with snow shoes and heavy packs dressed all in winter whites
Practicing hard each and every day, jumping in darkness of night
‘Cause that’s how the AIRBORNE we all train, to be ready for the fight!!

The young Signaller he just got here, up from the Rivers Camp
Sweating in the cold night air, his brow was steamy damp!
As his Ops Sarge I spoke to him: “This jumping thing’s a thrill!”
“To keep the JM off your back, remember your exit drill!
It’s not me or the guy behind you – it’s the enemy you want to kill!”