William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The first of July is our Canada Day
Up here in Canada we say eh, eh?
Our CAVUNP[1] Chapter parades with the KVA[2]
In our best big and tucker on Canada Day

We march through the streets here in Sidney BC
The ANAVETS[3], the Legion[4] and old vets like me
We honour our flag to the beat of the marching drum
We pass through the streets to the podium we come

Our medals are shined and we buff up our shoes
Back on parade with photographs in the news
Hockey Sticks, Beavers and the Red Maple Leaf
Are our symbols of Canada – a great land of peace

So if you are in the town of Sidney on the First of July
Go down to Beacon Ave and watch the floats go by
Cheer for the old veterans with their heads held high
As they celebrate our day, it’s the first of July!