William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


We read the names of our fallen from all across this peaceful land;
The names of those Canadians, who gave their lives o’er in Afghanistan.
The names are listed upon the wall of honour, a Calgary Monument.
We list the names of peacekeepers whose Canadian lives were spent.

A crowd of 800 gathered there, at the peace park honour roll wall.
Next of Kin family members attended, for those who gave their all.
The names were read of all our dead and the piper played the lament.
Listed were the names, who overseas, to keep the peace, were sent.

The Padre prayed and wreaths were laid and bugler played last post.
Our thoughts went out to the families there, the ones who gave the most.
To the cenotaph the veterans go on August nine and the 11th of November.
Where the names are read of Canada’s’ dead, we attend here to remember.

Author’s Note: Kudos to Colonel Don Ethell who works tirelessly behind the scene to see that funding is obtained to maintain and add to the monument, and this year the PK soldiers who were killed in Korea and the increased KIAs in Afghanistan have been added to the expanded wall of honour. Well Done Sir!