William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


The day I joined the Canadian Army, sure, I was only seventeen
Swearing upon the bible to protect both my Country and my Queen.
I put my left hand upon the flag and raised the right one high.
Taking an oath that I would keep – I was prepared to die.

The PSO gave me ten dollars and tickets for the westbound train.
The MO said I was extremely fit and had no ache or pain.
As 13 PD took my picture for an ID card, my curly red hair it was long.
They chuckled as they looked at it, and said it would soon be gone.

At Ottawa’s Union Station I said farewell to my dear old Mom.
The clack of the wheels upon the ties sounded to me just like a song.
They put me in an overhead bunk, ‘twas in a sleeper car.
The dining room car was two cars down, it wasn’t very far.

Four long days we travelled west, stopping at each small town,
Drop off the mail and pick up folks who also bedded down.
And when we arrived at Calgary, for me the end of the line:
Six long months in Depot – Rifle Drill at double time!

Billy Willbond - age 17
Billy Willbond - age 17