William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


They left us a message: United we stand divided we fall.
The old Roman Army Soldiers were given lands in Gaul.
Instead of a pension they were each given a farm.
Serving twenty years in the Legion and surviving the harm.

Cesar looked after the men who served in the Corps.
Up at Hadrian’s Wall with the Scots they did war.
South of the wall the veterans supplied grain and cattle.
To the Wall’s Legion Forts that were still doing battle.

The pack train carts that followed the Legion, when on the move,
Were guarded by older soldiers who looked after the wounded.
Concubines/ slaves dressed wounds/cooked, that’s a fact.
2,000 years before my Dad applied for the Veterans land act.

Author’s Note: Centurions were like Company Commanders in charge of Cohorts – a Cohort was a unit, our word Corps comes from it.

Rally in support of Canada’s Veterans: November 6th, 2010 11:00 a.m. Parliament Hill in front of the Parliament buildings on Wellington Street or at your MP’s constituency office if you can’t get to Ottawa. All Canadians are welcome to attend; any ally of Canada is welcome to attend, any and all are welcome to come in a peacefully rally to just show support for our veterans. Mark your calendar right now,
November 6th, 11:00am (your time) anywhere in Canada.

No Canadian should miss this one!